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Phoenix DUI lawyers’ forecast go wrong, marginal rise in arrests during July 4 weekend

Published On: 09-29-2016 in Category: arrests, DUI


Drunk driving has been a serious issue in the United States for quite some time. People don’t seem to realize that alcohol mars the potential of a person to think clearly and to make quick decisions in a fast-changing environment on roads. Thus, indulging in heavy drinking before driving a vehicle can have negative impact on a person’s motor skills, including vision, reaction time, coordination, concentration, etc.

This is evident from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report which highlighted that every day nearly 28 people succumb to traffic crashes in the country due to alcohol-impaired driving.

In response to the perpetual problem of DUI cases across the U.S., the Phoenix DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group had estimated a significant rise in DUI patrols and alcohol-related fatalities in Phoenix, during the weekend of July 4, 2016. Moreover, nearly 16,696 traffic stops were installed statewide in Arizona this year, compared to 12,105 traffic stops installed during July 4 weekend in 2015. However, by looking at the marginal rise in DUI arrests made this year in Arizona, the forecast did not seem to hold true – nearly 488 arrests in 2016 as against 486 arrests in 2015.

Compared to 552 DUI-related arrests made two years ago, there has been a decline in the overall DUI arrests, related to both aggravated DUIs and misdemeanor DUIs, since 2015. An aggravated DUI refers to those drivers who had a previous record of committing DUI offenses, including driving with a suspended license, whereas a misdemeanor DUI refers to those who drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or more.

This year, there were 629 traffic stops of sober designated drivers, as compared to only 518 in 2015, which signified rising awareness among people about responsible driving and increasing prevalence of ride services such as Uber, Lyft, etc., said Alberto Gutier, director of Office of Highway Safety.

Dramatic rise in DUI cases across American states

With more than $44 billion being spent annually in the wake of alcohol-related crashes in America, there has been a significant rise in traffic fatalities related to alcohol-impaired driving. In states like Arizona, even a first-time offender may have to spend thousands of dollars for a DUI offense. In 2015, holiday drunk driving accidents reached at their peak and nearly 67 percent of those killed during holiday weekend had a BAC of 0.15 or more, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Thus, a DUI offender in Arizona may have to shell out a huge sum of money, along with a jail term. “A DUI arrest in Phoenix can completely alter a person’s life,” said Christopher Corso, founder of Corso Law Group. “That’s why it’s crucial for all drivers to understand the dangers of driving drunk as well as their resources in difficult legal situations stemming from an Arizona DUI arrest,” he added.

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