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Meth, cocaine seized in raid at Phoenix daycare, 5 arrested

Published On: 05-20-2016 in Category: cocaine, drugs, methamphetamine


Drug traffickers are devising noble ways to carry on unhindered business and avoid being tracked down by authorities. As part of a year-long investigation into methamphetamine trafficking, the Drug Enforcement Agency conducted seven raids across Phoenix in May 2016 and found a daycare operating as a methamphetamine stash house.

During the raids, the agents arrested five people and seized 5 pounds of meth, half pound cocaine, two rifles, a hand grenade, four military-style body armor vests and $30,000 cash. The officials found 1 pound meth and half pound cocaine at the daycare.

Daycare considered safe to store illegal meth

The daycare in west-central Phoenix near 55th Avenue and McDowell that doubled as a meth stash house was not a registered facility, but it looked after six children. DEA Special Agent in Charge Doug Coleman said, “It is unfathomable that innocent children would be exposed to the inherent dangers of drug trafficking by those individuals entrusted with their care.”

The parents of the children dropped their kids off in the morning, without even realizing that the same daycare was running an illegal drug trade. The neighbors were shocked to hear about the incident. They never had an inkling about the kind of illegal activity taking place in the daycare.

One of the neighbors said, “I never saw anything, I never had any indication that there was anything coming or going or being distributed nothing.” Another neighbor said, “It is kind of scary to think that somebody, a little one could get their hands into it.”

The drugs were sourced from Mexico and were distributed across the United States every month. The investigation started in the summer of 2015 when federal officials seized 85 pounds of methamphetamine. After further probe, the DEA officials, along with the Scottsdale Police Department Drug Enforcement Unit, zeroed in on the seven locations.

Coleman said that the DEA and the law enforcement agencies try their best to maintain the safety of the people. His team and other officials will continue to look for the drug peddlers from the neighborhoods of Phoenix, he said.

Increasing prevalence of illegal drugs in Phoenix

Trafficking of illegal meth has become a major concern in the U.S. The drug peddlers keep looking for safe havens, like a daycare, to run their illegal trade. In another recent incident, agents with Homeland Security Investigations and the Region II Narcotics Task Force arrested six of the eight men, who were charged in Farmington, Connecticut, with illegally trafficking drugs to Mexico. One of the accused, Luis Rangel-Arce, 44, was arrested from Kingman in Arizona.

They seized over 2.5 pounds of meth, 10 firearms, approximately $1,600 cash and a vehicle. The police said that three drug ring leaders arrested were Mexican nationals and obtained large amounts of meth from Phoenix.

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