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  • Border agents arrest Phoenix woman with heroin packed in blown-up condom

    By: Admin On: 02-21-2018 Category: drugs Comment: 0

    Border agents arrest Phoenix woman with heroin packed in blown-up condom

    In an unusual drug bust, Border Patrol agents near Tucson, Arizona, recently seized 10 ounces of heroin packed in a blown-up condom. On Feb. 3, 2018, at a random immigration checkpoint near the border on Interstate-19, the canine unit alerted authorities to an odor emanating from a Phoenix woman’s Nissan Sentra. A thorough search of […]

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  • Tucson-based drug ring busted, 9 arrested

    By: Admin On: 08-07-2017 Category: addiction, drug trafficking, drugs Comment: 0

    Agents of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on July 10, 2017, busted a Tucson-based narcotic trafficking ring that allegedly transported drugs via a fake Coke machine. Nine people, including 44-year-old ring leader Rene Marcos Vera, were arrested, media reports said. Authorities have confiscated more than 85 pounds of cocaine, four bank accounts, 17 […]

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  • Police officials raid South Phoenix marijuana growing facility

    By: Admin On: 11-28-2016 Category: drug bust, drugs, substance abuse Comment: 0

    Marijuana use is widespread among the American population. However, there are several states, including the state of Arizona, where the sale, possession and distribution of marijuana is highly regulated by both state and federal laws. Marijuana is categorized as “Schedule I” controlled substance in the state and those dealing in the drug are considered as […]

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  • Meth, cocaine seized in raid at Phoenix daycare, 5 arrested

    By: Admin On: 05-20-2016 Category: cocaine, drugs, methamphetamine Comment: 0

    Drug traffickers are devising noble ways to carry on unhindered business and avoid being tracked down by authorities. As part of a year-long investigation into methamphetamine trafficking, the Drug Enforcement Agency conducted seven raids across Phoenix in May 2016 and found a daycare operating as a methamphetamine stash house. During the raids, the agents arrested […]

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  • Drug busts lead to seizure of illegal meth in Phoenix, Show Low

    By: Admin On: 04-15-2016 Category: drug bust, drugs, methamphetamine Comment: 0

    In a joint operation, investigators from the Major Crime Apprehension Team (MCAT), the Show Low Police Department, the Phoenix Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Phoenix Police Department recovered 26.6 pounds of methamphetamine worth at least $1,191,680, in two separate incidents in March 2016. In the first probe that took place on March 19, the […]

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  • Are authorities making it tough for marijuana addicts?

    By: Admin On: 02-03-2016 Category: addiction, drugs, substance abuse Comment: 0

    An addiction to marijuana is considered less harmful than alcohol or other mind-altering substances. Regardless of the fact whether marijuana is harmful or not, the main question is if the treatment is classified according to the patient’s consumption of drug, its amount or class. The society believes there is a need for reformed rules and […]

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  • Online drug peddling pushes substance abuse to a new high

    By: Admin On: 12-28-2015 Category: addiction, de-addiction, drugs, substance abuse Comment: 0

    Today, internet has become a convenient way of satiating buyers’ shopping quotient from the comfort of their homes. The easy availability of wide varieties of products and the convenience of price comparison have made online shopping quite popular. However, the products sold online are now not limited to traditional or legitimate goods only, but it […]

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