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Suspected killer had history of substance abuse, mental problems

Published On: 07-11-2018 in Category: drug trafficking

A man, who recently killed himself and was accused of killing six people in Phoenix, had a history of domestic violence, mental illness and substance abuse, court records suggest. Dwight Lamon Jones, 56, who at times used to teach tennis, was reportedly a disturbed man. Jones committed suicide on June 4, 2018, just days after his first victim was shot dead. According to authorities, some of Jones’ victims were apparently related to the divorce case, filed by his wife radiologist Dr. Connie Jones.

According to the court records, the divorce was filed by Jones’ wife in May 2009 after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence from the couple’s home in Scottsdale. Later, Jones was involuntarily admitted to a hospital from where he was transferred to a behavioral health center for more than a week. The Scottsdale city prosecutor’s office confirmed that he pleaded guilty to his misbehavior, post which he was put on a probation, and was also ordered to undergo a mental health screening.

In a November 2010 divorce judgment, Superior Court Judge Pamela Gates said that Jones’ mental health was “an area of significant concern.” Jones was not allowed to meet his child during the supervised visits, as the judge found it dangerous to the 13-year-old child’s mental, moral, physical and emotional health.

‘Jones had mood and anxiety disorders’

Dr. Steven Pitt, a forensic psychiatrist who served as an expert for Jones’ wife, was believed to be his first victim. Pitt had testified that Jones had mood and anxiety disorders and exhibited signs of paranoid personality. It was also identified by Pitt that Jones acted impulsively, aggressively, did not conform to social norms, lacked guilt, and required excessive admiration.

Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson, who were killed a day after Pitt’s murder, worked as paralegals for a law firm representing Jones’ wife during the divorce. His fourth victim was Dr. Marshall Levine who shared office space with Karen Kolbe, a behavioral health professional. Levine had counseled Jones’ son and also served as a witness in the divorce case. The last two victims were Bryon Thomas and Mary Simmons, a couple who, police suspect, was killed by Jones inside their Fountain Hills home.

It is believed that Jones’ spent the past nine years living out of extended stay hotels. In May 2018, Jones had also posted certain videos on YouTube complaining about his ex-wife in irritation. He even cursed the court system, which, as per him, sided his wife in the divorce.

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