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  • Border agents arrest Phoenix woman with heroin packed in blown-up condom

    Published On: 02-21-2018 in Category: drugs

    Border agents arrest Phoenix woman with heroin packed in blown-up condom

    In an unusual drug bust, Border Patrol agents near Tucson, Arizona, recently seized 10 ounces of heroin packed in a blown-up condom. On Feb. 3, 2018, at a random immigration checkpoint near the border on Interstate-19, the canine unit alerted authorities to an odor emanating from a Phoenix woman’s Nissan Sentra. A thorough search of […]

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  • Phoenix man arrested for smuggling over a ton of marijuana

    Published On: 02-09-2018 in Category: drug trafficking

    Phoenix man arrested for smuggling over a ton marijuana

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers stationed at the Port of Lukeville, 151 miles southwest of Tucson, recently arrested a 55-year-old man on charges of trafficking marijuana. After pulling over the middle-aged Phoenix man for inspection, a sniffer dog alerted the officers to the vehicle he was driving. A thorough search led to the […]

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  • Fentanyl seizures leapfrog 600 percent at Arizona border

    Published On: 12-06-2017 in Category: drug trafficking

    Fentanyl seizures leapfrog 600 percent at Arizona border

    In recent years, Arizona’s ports of entry (POEs) have become major gateways for huge quantities of fentanyl entering the United States. Stashed in car seats, hidden in clothing and in automobile compartments, the total amount of fentanyl seized in 2017 at different POEs along the Arizona-Mexico border jumped by 600 percent compared to 2016. According […]

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  • Tucson crime lab to get new testing equipment for marijuana-related DUI cases

    Published On: 11-09-2017 in Category: substance abuse

    Tucson crime lab to get new testing equipment for marijuana-related DUI cases

    The state crime lab in Tucson, Arizona, is set to get its own brand new equipment to analyze drug traces in urine and blood in cases of driving under the influence (DUI). The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) will use the grant of over $200,000 from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to procure […]

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  • Phoenix man sentenced to prison for trafficking meth

    Published On: 09-08-2017 in Category: drug addiction, methamphetamine, substance abuse

    A federal court in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on August 23, 2017, sentenced a 38-year-old man from Phoenix to seven years in prison for methamphetamine trafficking. Eugene Daniel Gonzalez, who was arrested in December 2016, will be on supervised release after he completes his seven-year prison term, media reports said. According to court records, authorities […]

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  • Tucson-based drug ring busted, 9 arrested

    Published On: 08-07-2017 in Category: addiction, drug trafficking, drugs

    Agents of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on July 10, 2017, busted a Tucson-based narcotic trafficking ring that allegedly transported drugs via a fake Coke machine. Nine people, including 44-year-old ring leader Rene Marcos Vera, were arrested, media reports said. Authorities have confiscated more than 85 pounds of cocaine, four bank accounts, 17 […]

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  • Border Patrol seizes 2,000 pounds of marijuana in Tucson Sector

    Published On: 06-02-2017 in Category: addiction, drug bust, drug trafficking

    In early May, Border Patrol (BP) agents in the Tucson Sector of Arizona stopped a suspicious truck near Elgin in Santa Cruz County, which led them to discover over 2,000 pounds of marijuana worth over $1 million stashed in the vehicle. While the BP agents were attempting to detain the pickup truck on Lower Elgin […]

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  • DEA busts drug mafia in Phoenix suburbs

    Published On: 05-05-2017 in Category: drug addiction, drug bust, drug trafficking

    In early April 2017, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) conducted a major drug bust involving several gang members in the suburbs of Phoenix. The 18-month-long investigation led to 20 people being indicted for alleged drug-related crimes and another six being arrested during the bust. Investigating officers believe that most of the suspects are members of […]

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  • Man succumbed to fatal DUI crash in Phoenix

    Published On: 03-10-2017 in Category: Alcohol, Drunk driving, DUI

    Every day, 28 people succumb to alcohol-related road accidents, which accounts for one death every 53 minutes, in the United States, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In most cases, drinking and driving are the major reasons behind life-threatening road mishaps. Even at the start of this year, […]

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  • 345 pounds of marijuana seized in Sonoran desert; will US-Mexico border wall help Arizona fight drug menace?

    Published On: 01-27-2017 in Category: addiction, Addiction Treatment, drug bust, drug trafficking

    The illegal drug trade – involving cultivation, manufacture and distribution of various banned substances – has troubled the United States for a long. Apparently, illegal drugs pour into the country through various channels, including the vast 2,000-mile Southwestern border between Mexico and the U.S., which provide ample smuggling opportunities to various drug cartels. Lately, Phoenix […]

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