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Addiction may lead to violent crime, show some recent killings in Phoenix

Published On: 03-28-2016 in Category: addiction, de-addiction, substance abuse


Substance abuse has the capacity to alter a person’s thinking and judgment, forcing him to turn violent or indulge in harmful activities. Many addicts reportedly commit crimes that they never intended to. As per reports, drug use can magnify and perpetuate already existing criminal activity.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), approximately 60 percent of individuals arrested for most types of crimes test positive for illegal drugs on arrest.

Addiction and crime

A recent incident in Phoenix highlights the close relationship between addiction and crime. A 26-year-old man, Alex Arthur Buckner, who was being treated for drug abuse, shot four of his family members and set their Phoenix house on fire. Later, Alex was killed in a police encounter.

While the parents died at the scene, the two sisters were rescued but they later died in the hospital, reports said quoting police. According to a Daily Mail report in February 2016, one of the sisters, Kaitlin Buckner, had called 911 asking for help. Alex had used his father’s gun who ran a car lubrication business out of their home, the police said.

The report said Alex had been to rehab for drug abuse and that he had a history of mental health problem and may have been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

In another incident, Phoenix resident Wynton Holston Elrod (24), with ties to Glen Allen, is wanted for killing his father. According to police, Wynton’s brother found his father Craig Elrod’s (62) body in their Phoenix home.

Citing a Phoenix police spokesman, a report published in wtvr.com in March 2016 said,  “When (the brother) arrived he discovered his brother, Wynton Elrod was at the residence which was unusual, as he had been evicted from the home in the proceeding weeks for drug abuse.”

Wynton lied about his father’s whereabouts and fled while the father’s body was located in a bathroom of the home, the police said. Virginia court records revealed Elrod had a lengthy criminal record in Henrico County and was convicted for receiving stolen goods, drug possession and drug distribution. “Wynton is a known heroin addict and is considered armed and dangerous,” the police said.

The way ahead

Nobody is immune when it comes to drug abuse and overdose. Men and women of all races and ethnic groups are affected by drugs. Drug abuse and youth crimes are interlinked, say reports.

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